December 2014

  • December 14, 2:00PM- Comitium Annual Reunion-St. Theresa's Church- Austin
    4311 Small Drive
    Austin, Texas 78731

January 2015

  • January 4, 2:00PM- Southern Curia, Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces -St. Elizabeth Church - Pflugerville
    1520 N. Railroad Avenue
    Pflugerville, Texas 78660
  • January 11, 2:00PM- Northern Curia, Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces -St. Elizabeth Church - Pflugerville
    1520 N. Railroad Avenue
    Pflugerville, Texas 78660
  • January 18, 2:00PM- Austin Comitium Monthly Meeting -St. Ignatius Church- Austin
    126 W. Oltorf Street
    Austin, Texas 78704

What it is

  • The Legion of Mary is an organization for the laity to be the extension of the priest.
  • Legionaries do spiritual works of mercy to serve others and give glory to God through their sanctification.
  • It was founded in Ireland on September 7, 1921 by Servant of God Frank Duff.
  • There are over 3 million active members and 15 million praying members around the world in almost every diocese.

Legion of Mary
Celebrating the 93rd Anniversary with Bishop Joe Vasquez 1921-2014


News from the Northern Curia

Northern Curia selected in its November 9th meeting, "Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces", as its name. It also elected Sr Theresa Valdez as its new president to replace Br Biff Jones, interim president. The members voted to participate in Our Lady of Guadalupe procession at St. William's on December 6th with a float and clean up the church after the mass. There were approximately 1500 attendees from all over the Austin Diocese who attended this celebration sponsored by the Guadalupanas. Thanks go to Sr Faviola Hildalgo for her organizational efforts and Sr Theresa Valdez for providing the float.

New Praesidium, Our Lady of the Ark of the Covenant, St. Louis in Waco

The Legion of Mary got started on November 15th with an informational session at St. Louis Catholic Church in Waco. There were about 25 people in attendance with the support of Pastor John Guzaldo and Spiritual Director, Fr. Augustine Ariwaodo. Their weekly meetings are on Saturday at 10:30 am. President Zulma Diaz, a former active Legion of Mary member in Virginia, was inspired to start the group on September 8th, the Feast Day of the Nativity of Our Lady. For more information please contact her at

Our Lady of Guadalupe Praesidium started at Baylor University's St. Peter's Catholic Student Center

President Raphael Ozoude started "Our Lady of Guadalupe" Praesidium at Baylor University's St. Peter's Catholic Student Center in October 3, 2014. Filled with a desire to win souls for Christ and His Church, under the banner of Mary, we gather together as Legion under her guidance and with the approval of our parish priest and spiritual director, Fr. Daniel Liu. We meet Fridays at 7:30 in the Student Catholic Center. For more information contact Raphael at or visit their facebook page.

Our First PPC hosted by St. Stephen's, Salado

In the last week in October over 50 legionaries from Austin, Dallas, and Houston converged on Salado to assist Pastor Aloi conduct door to door evangelization for St. Stephen's Catholic Parish. Approximately 600 homes were visited in a four day period. Msgr. Joseph Deane, the Comitium's Spiritual Director, set an example for everyone, going out everyday in spite of being 78 years young. We also want to thank Vice President Barbara Chauvin and President Sharon Jones of the Houston Senatus for organizing and leading the charge. In addition, we need to thank President Lynda Villasana for her tireless devotion to making this event happen.

New Praesidium St. Luke's in Temple

Thank you to Theresa Valdez and the Killeen Curia and its President Wilfred Dezir for their support in helping start the new Legion of Mary praesidium at St. Luke's in Temple. There meeting times are on Saturday mornings at 10AM. For more information contact President Jordan Miller at

The Legion celebrates its 93rd anniversary.

The Legion celebrated the 93rd anniversary of the creation of the Legion by Frank MCDuff at a Bishop's Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Austin on September 8, 2014. The Mass will start at 7PM. There will be a rosary before Mass starting at 6:30PM after a procession of legionaries with their banners. All active members and auxilliaries are invited to celebrate the Mass and reception afterwards.

Legionaries complete pilgrimage to Spain

A group of Legionaries just got back from a 14 day pilgrimage to Spain, Portugal and France. A total of 15 sites were visited including Fatima, Lourdes, Santiago de Compestelo, Avila, Burgos, Rocamadour, Nevers (St Bernadette incorrupt body), Paray El Monay (St Margaret Mary Incorrupt body), Cures de Ars (St John Vianney incorrupt body), St Mary Magdalene's basilica, Zaragosa (Pillar),Toledo Cathedral, Agreda (Sor Maria's incorrupt body), Madrid.

Check out some of the photos.

2014 Awaken Your Spirit Retreat-
"Come to the Water"

Water is the source of life. It cleanses and refreshes us. Jesus offers us living water, that we may never thirst, but have a source springing up to eternal life. Whether you’re tired, stressed, in need of spiritual inspiration or encouragement in your relationship with God – come to the water!

June 21-22. 2014

AYS Retreat

Austin Comitium attends Senatus Meeting in Houston

October 12, 2013, the Austin Comitium, for the first time, attended Senatus meeting in Houston in conjunction with their Holy Spirit conference. The commission was represented by Pres. Lynda Villasana and Sec. Biff Jones. We were recognized by the President, and were given applause. And were asked to come back anytime. At the end Lynda was given the opportunity to sing Ave and was very well received. The Holy Spirit conference highlighted the Senatus’s PPC efforts in Dublin Ireland and San Antonio Texas. They also offered to assist the Austin diocese in a PPC. A PPC is “Peregrinatio Pro Christo” whereby a door to door visitation is performed throughout the Parish boundaries and is organized and supported with volunteers from the Senatus, the Comitium and the hosting Parish. Please contact your parish priest to determine if they want to host a PPC. All literature, training and supervision will be provided by the Houston Senatus.

92nd Anniversary Mass for the Legion of Mary

October 10, 2013, a Mass was celebrated at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in Pflugerville Texas commemorating the 92nd anniversary of the Legion of Mary. This mass is celebrated by Rev. Bishop Joe Vasquez.  Also celebrating were Monsignor Joseph Deane, the Spiritual Director of the Austin Comitium, and Monsignor Richard O’Rourke, the Spiritual Director of the Killeen Curia along with Pastor Pedro Garcia and Parochial Vicar Paul Hudson and Deacon Emmanuel Nwokocha.   It was attended by approximately 400 people. The attendance was composed primarily of active members and auxiliary members of the Legion of Mary of the Austin diocese. The Legion wants to thank Pastor Pedro Garcia and Parochial Vicar Paul Hudson for their support in making this a success at St Elizabeth’s this year.  This was the highest level of participation since the Anniversary Mass was started in 2011 at St Mary’s Cathedral in Austin.  The reception following the Mass was well received and gave Legionaries from all over the Diocese the opportunity to share stories from the past year.

New Vice President for the Austin Comitium

We are happy to announce that we have a new Vice President, Faviola Hidalgo. She is the current Vice President of the Nuestra Senora del Mt Carmel Praesidium from St Williams Parish in Round Rock. She was elected in the August 2013 Comitium meeting. Edissen Guevaro came in a close second. He is President of the Immaculate Conception Praesidium from St Mary's Cathedral. Congratulations to Faviola.

Great News and Updates on Starting New Legion of Mary Groups

"Awaken Your Spirit Retreat" held at Cedar Brakes, Belton, Texas on June 22-24, 2012

The Child Mary Praesidium of St Williams hosted their second annual "Awaken Your Spirit Retreat" at Cedar Brakes, Belton, Texas, June 22 - 24, 2012. Activities included the Holy Mass, Spiritual Talks by Fr. Steve Saucer, Fr. James Misko, and others. The theme of the retreat was

Preparing for the 'Year of Faith'

"Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him"
(Luke 24:31)

Monsignor Joseph Deane, left for Ireland for International Eucharistic Conference on June 11, 2012

Our Spiritual Director, Monsignor Joseph Deane, left for Ireland to attend the International Eucharistic Conference 2012 which is being held in Dublin, Ireland from June 10 to June 17, 2012. He will also visit the Concilium while he is in Ireland and will return in August 2012. Information on the International Eucharistic Conference can be found at their website,

President of the Houston Senatus and a group of legionaries traveled to Dublin for a Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) on June 1, 2012

The President of the Houston Senatus, Charlene McQuitty, and a group of legionaries from Houston traveled to Dublin, Ireland for a Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC). The legionaries were hosted by several families and a Carmelite convent and then spent a full week doing door-to-door visitation.  The group attended the monthly meeting of the Legion of Mary Concilium (the highest Legion council which oversees Legion of Mary activities throughout the world) and discussed their PPC adventure for Christ.  It is thought to be the first time in Legion history that legionaries from America traveled to Dublin for a PPC.  Following their first week, the group will participate in the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin and several meetings and workshops held in connection with the IEC. Please keep Sr. Charlene and her courageous band of peregrini in your prayers as they complete their travels in Ireland and return to Texas on June 18.

President and Vice President of the Houston Senatus visit May Comitium meeting on May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012, Sr. Charlene McQuitty and Br. Holly McQuitty, the President and Vice President of the Houston Senatus came to visit our May Comitium monthly meeting. She thanked all our efforts for the extension work in establishing new Legion of Mary praesidia in the Austin Diocese. She also thanked Sr. Anne for all her efforts for the Total Consecration. Sr. Anne then announced that we passed out 870 books for the Total Consecration and thanked the hosting parishes and priests. She made note of our website and remarked that she checks it regularly for updates of our activities. She also talked about the success of the Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) in New Orleans this year and that they will be hosting one in Ireland in June. Let us keep them in our prayers.

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Emmaus Catholic Parish, Lakeway TX,

Legion of Mary kickoff meeting on May 5th, 2012

We welcome a new Praesidium, "Nuestra Senora Virgen de Fatima", from the Emmaus Catholic Parish, Lakeway, Texas. They meet every Tuesday, 7:30 PM in Room 204. Father Luis Alberto Caceres is the Spiritual Director. Officers are Br. Isidro Vazquez and Srs. Melba Guerra, Lidia Monica Martinez, and Celia Valencia. We want to thank Br. Jose R. Gonzales, Sr Amparo Gonzales, Br. Marco Lone, Sr. Amalia Lone & Sr Juanita Saucedo from the Our Lady of the Rosary Praesidium in Pflugerville for their role in assisting in the formation of this new Praesidium.

Total Consecration Masses held on March 26, 2012

Total Consecration Masses were held March 26, 2012 at four parishes throughout the Diocese of Austin: St Mary's Cathedral, St. Williams in Round Rock, Immaculate Heart of Mary in Martindale, and Santa Cruz in Buda. All Masses were well attended with ~300 attending Santa Cruz and ~150 attending St Williams. Recruitment was a success this year with over 400 enrolling in the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts. Total Catholics that have been Consecrated to Jesus through Mary in the Austin Diocese now exceed 2500.

St. Patrick's Parish, Hutto, TX, Legion of Mary kickoff meeting on February 5th, 2012

After Mass at St Patrick's, Lynda and Biff assisted Mary Tobit, with an organization meeting for a new praesidium at St. Patrick's in Hutto. Diego Villasana also assisted. Father Chris has agreed to be the spiritual director. There were a dozen parishioners who attended of which four signed up to be active members. Enthronements in the home were initiated. Attendees were also signed up to participate in the "Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary". Please contact Mary if you would like more information on their praesidium at Mary at

 St. Williams, Round Rock, TX, January 21, 2012 Comitium Recruitment Session

The informational session promoted in our full page advertisement in the December issue of the Catholic Spirit was held on January 21, 2012 at St. Williams, Round Rock. It was a great success!! We hope to be starting new Legion of Mary groups at various parishes as a result. The meeting started with prayers. It was followed by The Legion of Mary powerpoint presentation which was delivered by Lynda Villasana with help from Biff Jones. Testimonies were given by Stephanie Gargano, Biff Jones, and Shirley Landrum. Thirteen Legionaires from the St William's Praesidia assisted with the session which lasted 1.5 hours. There were four parishioners from St. Patrick's in Hutto, two parishioners from St. Mary Our Lady of Lourdes, Caldwell, Texas and a parishioner from St. Thomas More, Austin, Texas, all of whom were interested in starting praesidiums in their parish. If you were unable to attend and are interested in starting one in your parish, then please contact your pastor and/or contact Lynda Villasana at